Lisys-Project Ltd.

We have to know how to use light. We have to understand its ways and feel its power. It must be designed with engineering precision to see properly, and felt with painterly impressions to not only see but delight. If the former is lacking, the result is offensive to the eye; if the latter, beauty is marred.

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LISYS-PROJECT Ltd. – Introduction

Lisys-Project Ltd. is one of the most experienced designer and installer companies in the architectural and entertainment sectors in Hungary.

The company can provide the best services in the combinations of the architectural lighting design and the most complex entertainment and visual control systems in its projects. Most of the inhouse senior engineers have 20-30 years experiences in these fields to provide the best solutions to the partners in terms of functionality, quality, aesthetic, efficiency and serviceability.

Several prestigious projects have executed by the company, such as decorative lighting system of Puskás Stadium, façade illumination of Hungarian Parliament, stage lighting system of the Hungarian Opera, façade lighting of Buda Palace, lighting systems of exhibitions in Fine Arts Museum and many more – thanks to a number of investors and main contractor companies who trusted the expertise of Lisys-Project Ltd. The company recently has been finalizing the new LED-based dynamic illumination system of the legendry Chainbridge. Similar high-profile project of Lisys-Project Ltd. has been arrived at the final stage – the decorative lighting system of the new Athletic Stadium in Budapest which will be the home of the World Athletics Championship Budapest 2023.

Lisys-Project Ltd. is proud to be selected as professional AV contractor of Madam Tussauds Budapest and the company does it’s best to make this project to the finest attraction in Budapest long term.


Sándor Böröcz – CEO, Owner
Lisys-Project Ltd.