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Lighting & Video Adaptability: Being Prepared for Everything to Go Wrong

Lighting Design for Concert Touring – Efficient Workflows and Approaches with Roland Greil

Why Does My Console Do That: A Brief Tour of Lighting Control History with Rob Halliday

Moving Lights: The Art of Perfect Positioning with Brad Schiller

Finding and Providing Help in the Entertainment Industry

Martin P3 System Controller Software 5.2.0 In-Depth Training with Wouter Verlinden

Trade Show Booth Lighting Design from Start to Finish with Michael Mahoney

Budgeting for Concert Lighting: Determining How Much Your Show Could Cost w/ Chris McMeen

Setting Up and Monitoring Power Distribution for Lighting and Audio with Richard Cadena

The History of Nightclubs and Architainment with Marsha Stern

Theater to Events: Making Lighting Design Education Work Across Disciplines with Wes Richter

The ABC’s of Awesome Lighting Terminology with Brad Schiller

The Art of Perfect Playback in Lighting Design with Michael Keller

A Brief User’s Manual for a Lighting Career with Benny Kirkham

Managing Lighting Industry Relationships and Evolving Your Career with Ethan Weber

The Lighting Programmer and Their Relationship with the Lighting Designer w/ Rob Halliday

Lighting for Theme Parks: Building an Experience That Lasts with Hansen Colyer

A Case Study in Lighting a Show in the Odd Corners of the Earth with Bud Horowitz

Ideas & Inspiration: An Exploration of Creativity with Abigail Rosen Holmes

The Why, How and Now of Lighting Live Events with John Featherstone

Using Lighting Design to Tell a Story with Jenny Bass

Drawing a Useful Lighting Plot with Michael Sharon

The History and Evolution of Automated Lighting with Craig Rutherford and Brad Schiller

Lighting for Houses of Worship: Touring, Multi-Location and Large Campus / Jarrad Donovan

Wearing Multiple Hats in the Lighting Industry with Tony Caporale

The History and Evolution of Automated Lighting with Craig Rutherford and Brad Schiller

Lighting for Houses of Worship: Touring, Multi-Location and Large Campus

Assembling your dream team

Large scale touring productions: challenges, solutions and process

Conceptual design principles: fundamentals of lighting design for concerts

Architectural lighting products and lighting techniques

Programming essentials: workflows and views

Transitioning from touring to corporate

From Idea to Output: The Development Process of a Moving Light with Brad Schiller

The Quality of Light with Brad Schiller

Architectural Product Overview

Martin P3: Ask the Experts with Wouter Verlinden and Bjoern Stolt

Basic Introduction to Martin P3 with Wouter Verlinden

Martin Learning Sessions: When Good Shows Go Bad

Martin Learning Sessions: Designing at the Speed of Light

Lighting Director Skillset — From Clubs to Arenas and Beyond

The Followspot Operator — An Essential Resource

Improvised Lighting on Tour

Paperwork from Production Management to Lighting Design

Light the Music — A Lecture with a Beat

LED Lighting for Television

Tour Design Process Basics for Beginners/Students

Martin Lighting 101

The History and Art of the Advance

Tabula Rasa—An Immersive Opera in Three Circuits

Touring 101—The Nuts and Bolts of Touring

Working as a Team—Show Designer, Lighting Designer and Lighting Director

Designing to Take Advantage of Show Limitations and Challenges

Designing for Theater, Television and Film

Collaborations in lighting: directors, programmers and designers

The art of making production look larger

How to make lighting desing work in small venues

The “Show Kernel” When Programming for Your Touring Artist

Festival Lighting Control—View from Both Ends of the Snake

Overview of Martin ERA series

Architectural Product Overview

Color Theory for Concert Lighting Design

How to Program a Show for a Festival Rig

Lighting Design for Club Level Touring

Scaling and Adapting for Different Sized Venues

Programming Tips and Tricks with Susan Rose

P3 Training Course Basic to Advanced

Lighting for churches